Apple BobBBQBakery
Ball Toss GameBee SheepBiggus Mouthicus
BiquetteBlack Tree KangarooBlueberries
Brainy SmurfBrainy Smurf's HouseCamper Smurf
Candy ShopChicken on a BarrelChief Swoof
Chilly SmurfClown Smurf HutCoin
ContentsCowboy Smurf's HutCrops
Cute Mouse in a Tea CupElephant Ear BushExclusive Offers
Explorer SmurfExplorer Smurf's Grove HutFlower Box
Game MasterGame Smurf's HutGarden
Garden ShopGardener Smurf's HutGargamel
Giant Mutant BobcatGiant Plant NurseryGrandpa Smurf
Greedy Smurf's BakeryGroveHalloween Sheep
Handler SmurfHandy SmurfHandy Smurf's Grove Hut
Horned ChameleonIslandJogging Track
Jokey SmurfJokey Smurf's HutJungle Pyramid
Keg StoolKiwi CoupleLazy Smurf's Hut
Lord BalthazarMature Persimmon TreeMini Windmill
Monarch ButterflyMountain TopMummy Sheep
OkapiPainting (mini-game)Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf's Grove HutPet ShelterPharaoh Azra
Pirate HutPirate ShipPirate Smurf
Poet SmurfPoet Smurf's HutPopcorn Shop
Purple Grove HutPurple SmurfRapid Routine
RaspberriesScaredy SmurfSloppy Smurf
SmurfberriesSmurfberrySmurfy Laboratory
Smurfy WondersStocking StufferStone Herb Garden
StrawberriesSweepy Smurf (hut)Swoofy Wonders
Tailor's HutThe smurfs village WikiTree of Life
Tug-o-warVideo HutWater Sprite
Weather MachineWeepy Smurf's HutWild Smurf's Hut (island)
File:Apple Bob.PNGFile:BBQ.pngFile:Ball Toss Game.png
File:Balthazar's Castle.PNGFile:Balthazar's Face.PNGFile:Bamboo Hut.PNG
File:Biggus Mouthicus.pngFile:Biquette.PNGFile:Camper.png
File:Camper Smurf.pngFile:Candy Shop.PNGFile:Candy Shop (swoof).gif
File:Carousel.pngFile:Chicken on a Barrel.PNGFile:Chilly Smurf.png
File:Clown Hut.pngFile:Crops.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Explorer Grove.PNGFile:Explorer Smurf.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Fireman Grove.PNGFile:Forum new.gifFile:GMB.PNG
File:Game Master.PNGFile:Game Master.pngFile:Game Master Cartoon.jpg
File:Game Master promotion.PNGFile:Game Smurf's Hut.jpgFile:Garden Shop.png
File:Giant Nursery.gifFile:Grove Promotional Artwork.jpgFile:Grove rock hut.PNG
File:Halloween Sheep.PNGFile:Handler Smurf.pngFile:Handy Grove.PNG
File:Handy Smurf.PNGFile:Horned Chameleon.PNGFile:Horned Chameleon (grown).PNG
File:Hut Painting.pngFile:Image.jpgFile:Island.png
File:Jogging Track.PNGFile:Jokey Smurf's Hut.PNGFile:Jokey Smurf's Hut.png
File:Jokey Smurf.pngFile:Jungle Pyramid.PNGFile:Jungle Pyramid.png
File:Kiwi Couple.pngFile:Log Customizations.PNGFile:Lord Balthazar.gif
File:Lord Balthazar.pngFile:Mature black tree kangaroo.PNGFile:Monarch Butterfly.PNG
File:Mummy Sheep.PNGFile:Okapi.gifFile:PA - Azra.PNG
File:PA - Sporty.PNGFile:Papa Smurf.PNGFile:Pet Shelter.gif
File:Pharaoh Azra.pngFile:Pirate Ship.PNGFile:Pirate Smurf.png
File:Pirate hut.pngFile:Poet Smurf.jpgFile:Scaredy's Face.png
File:Scaredy Smurf.jpgFile:Scaredy Smurf Card.PNGFile:Smurfs viilage.jpg
File:Smurfy Gyrocopter.PNGFile:Snowy Poet's Hut.PNGFile:Snowy Poet's Hut.png
File:Tree of Life 0.PNGFile:Tree of Life 1.PNGFile:Tree of Life 2.PNG
File:Tree of Life 3.PNGFile:Tree of Life 4.PNGFile:Tug o' War.PNG
File:Watchtower.pngFile:Water Sprite.pngFile:Weepy Smurf's Hut.png
File:Windmill.jpgFile:Young Black Tree Kangaroo.PNG

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