Jokey Smurf
Jokey Smurf


Roaming Smurf.


Cartoons and comics.



Jokey Smurf is a roaming Smurf who gives out daily gifts. The gifts can contain various of stuffs. He is one of the first Smurfs to be unlocked in the game.


Here is a list of stuffs that can be earned from Jokey:

  • Nothing! Sometimes Jokey Smurf gives exploding presents to the player, instead of something useful, hence the name Jokey.
  • Baked goods, such as consumable cookies, cupcakes and cakes.
  • Smurfberries, always come in four.


Jokey's hut can be purchased with smurfberries in the store. Tapping it when it has an icon floating above it will launch the Stocking Stuffer mini-game.


Jokey is able to change into his Don Smurfo outfit once the latter is purchased. Jokey will give better gifts when he is inside the outfit. However, Jokey's quest can't be completed if the costume is worn.

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