Level Requirement




The Island is the second area to be unlocked from Papa's quest. Players can visit it by using Dreamy's ship, S. S. Smurf II. It is available starting from level 19.


In the Island, Smurfs are able to farm as usual, with the exception of magic shrubs and flower boxes. They are able to grow and tend palm crops too, which are obtainable from friends' gifts or from placing Wild Smurf's island hut.


The Island consists of a main land, a beach, and a cliff. The main land is divided by a river. Players need to build a dam to gain access to the rest of the main land. To get up the cliff, stone steps need to be placed first. The upper lands are divided too, this time by a gorge known as the Groaning Gorge. Crossing the gorge requires a rope bridge.

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